Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we had an early start as we had to pull up the anchor and set sail to a shipwreck called the Rhone. We arrived after a short trip upwind. We all had a quick swim and dive off the boat and then got ready to head towards the shipwreck. Most people scuba dived down to see the Rhone, but some also snorkeled as it’s not too deep, and visibility was clear. It was amazing to see an actual shipwreck, and everyone really enjoyed their last dive. After this, we all walked around Salt Island, the island next to the Rhone. It was a beautiful clear day, and there were some stunning views. We also visited the graveyard on the island for those who died when the Rhone smashed against Salt Island in 1867. Then later at night, we all sat down to dinner, and it really hit how soon we have until it ends.