Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

We woke up bright and early today, where we were all listening to music while eating oatmeal. Then we got into our PFDs and set off on a sail to Brewer’s Bay, which is where we dove twice. On the sail over, Max, Heather, Jordan, Sophie, and Jack were all hanging out on the bow. When we arrived in Brewer’s Bay, we had our third search and recovery dive. In our dive, we had to use a jackstay pattern to find toy fish that were underwater. While we waited for our tanks to fill up again, we were all studying for our DAN emergency oxygen course and eating Oreos. Our second dive was a fun dive, where Hugh and Rodrigo spotted our first turtle of the day, and Heather and Jordan both saw a bunch of eels. The coral was so bright and colorful on our dive, and the wildlife was fantastic! Getting back on the boat, we had amazing chicken salad sandwiches. Then we had freshwater showers and were all studying for the DAN emergency oxygen provider course. We also sailed over to Cane Garden Bay, and we saw four different turtles in the bay. Hugh, Isaac, and I were interviewed by Craig for the ActionQuest video. Now we are cleaning up dinner, and two dolphins and a bunch of turtles have come up by our boat! We are now getting ready for our DAN emergency oxygen test, so wish us luck! Today was an incredible day with so much wildlife and so many fun dives.