Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today we awoke to a pot of boiling water at Sommer’s Beach. We motored out towards Muskmelon Bay for our last formal rotation day and our deep dive, where we go to our maximum depth. On our way over, we ate oatmeal and set up gear for diving. We grabbed a mooring ball and hit the water. Devlin and I chose the two numbers and went diving with Sambamba’s shipmates plus Kelli. During our dive, we got to play with eggs, which, when cracked, the yoke stayed in a ball. I thought this was really cool!! Also, we got to see how colors change when you go deeper. After we came up from the dive, we started our last formal rotation day. First, we watched a movie about how ActionQuest was somewhat started. After we watched a movie, we went Picoing for the last time. Since it was the last time, Bret and I decided to go. It was a lot of fun waiting for puffs of wind to boost us across the water. When we were done, we had one of the smoothest landings of the day on the boat. Finally, we packed up and headed to Cane Garden Bay. We got water and diesel, then anchored. Now we are waiting for a sail chat by listening to music and having a good time. I can’t wait for the hike tomorrow.