Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today was yet another wonderful day here at the BVI. After waking up early, we began our marvelous day with a variety of oatmeal flavors, in preparation for our rotation day! After stowing away the last dish, we were off to Changes for our Turks’s Head rotation, where we attempted to carefully handcraft the Turk’s Head while the rain was pouring onto the bay. Rain showers continued for most of the morning, covering the once blue turquoise key into a grey mass of rainclouds. After having some delicious sandwiches for lunch, we started collecting our dive gear in preparation for our fourth open water dive, our last before becoming certified divers! Each dive we take submerges us into another world where wildlife roams freely through bright corals. One of the most extraordinary and fun things we did while scuba diving was carrying out a barefoot race 30 ft. under water. Not only that but we had the chance to see stingrays roaming the ocean floor and eels peeking out of coral trying to catch fish. It was an incredible dive and even more extraordinary day.