Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

At 6:30 am, Calypso crew woke up to the morning playlist. By 7:00, we had our PFDs on and were ready to sail to Muskmelon Bay on Guana Island. We arrived at our destination and ate oatmeal for breakfast. Then, we started our first rotation of the day by learning how to read and use charts. Next, we all hopped on to a dinghy to go scuba diving! This scuba dive was a very important one because it was the last dive we needed to do to get our certification! The dive was around 42ft, and we saw stingrays, fish, a pufferfish, and sand dollars! This was a bittersweet dive because even though we got our certifications, it meant that we only had one more dive after it. Once we finished it, we headed back to the boat to make Turk’s Heads. They are bracelets or anklets made out of one long piece of string. After making those, we ate a much-needed lunch consisting of deli sandwiches. Then, we had a scuba chat where we reviewed dive tables. Dive tables tell you how far you can dive for a period of time without getting sick. After reviewing these, we had to take a 10-question exam about them. While we were taking the exam, our skipper, Griffin, was sailing us to Cane Garden Bay. Once we finished our exam and arrived at our destination, we prepared for a very tasty dinner: Thai peanut chicken. After dinner, we cleaned up and are getting ready for a sail chat. As a reward for our scuba certifications and finishing dive tables, we will be baking brownies. Today was a long but eventful rotation day and brownies! Freshwater showers are a great way to end it.