Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today we woke up at 6:15; we were sad because Alexa was going to leave us in one hour. After getting ready, we left this place, Sommer’s Beach, to go to the place we were yesterday afternoon. On the road, we ate some oatmeal with fruit. In Switzerland, oatmeal is my usual breakfast, so I’ve eaten a lot of them this morning! It was really good. We arrived at this rotation place and hugged Alexa, who left at this time, it was really sad, one member of our family is leaving us. She will miss us so much. Our first rotation was diving; we got certified!! So happy!! The dive was really nice and beautiful, and I saw a stingray, triangle fish, and many other colorful fish. Then we went wakeboarding, everybody was amazing, we all stood up, and enjoyed this time. For our last rotation we have watched a film about sailing in the past, it was very interesting. And also, we have watched the video of the last session of the Seamester boat; they had sailed all over the world in a 112ft sailing boat. At 12:30, we took a shower and left this place, we also ate. I drove until the bay where we are now a really nice place. I have enjoyed each moment so far; the days are going so fast. We are now on day 14, 6 days more 🙁 We miss you so much, Alexa, love you!