Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

We began this relaxing day with a delicious hot bowl of oatmeal and a short sail over to Shark Point on Tortola. At Shark Point, the Neptunes conducted their second fish ID dive while the dolphins continued their research projects. During the research dive, we saw a giant lobster that was at least a foot long! After everyone finished their dives, we chilled on the boat for a while while the tanks were being compressed with air. After the tanks were full, everyone conducted a fun dive to further explore the swim through at Shark Point. The swim through was amazing; it was like swimming through an underwater tunnel! There was a lot of really cool fish to see, especially the parrotfish and the barracudas. When we were surfacing after an amazing dive, we started to see what we first thought were jellyfish stings, but due to a surprising turn of events, they were diatoms again!! Everyone grimaced at the sight of their old enemy and of the annoying pinpricks they were suffering from while swimming back to the boat. The girly screams of everyone could be heard as they attempted to swim back to the boat. But, spirits were lifted after everyone put on fresh bathing suits and enjoyed a delicious meal of quesadillas made by the amazing Katja. After a great meal, the team enjoyed a relaxing sail to Cane Garden Bay, and the relaxing continued when we arrived. We had delicious Thai for dinner. The great day was ended by a movie night. It was another great day on Surprise!