Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today started out in GHP with a relaxing breakfast of oatmeal while preparing to get underway to wreck ally. Upon arriving at wreck ally, the rescue students had a fun dive on Blue Chromis Reef while the Neptune’s did their third wreck dive. We had a lunch of deli sandwiches. Once we were finished with the meal, we were startled by a scream marking the beginning of a rescue scenario involving an injured, tired diver and an unresponsive diver on the ocean floor. Once both victims were revived, we went on to have another relaxing fun dive on wreck ally. All was going well until our safety stop. While ascending, we found Davis (our instructor) unconscious in the water. Upon finding this, we brought him to the surface and did CPR. After saving our third victim of the day, we cruised over to GHP for a dinner of breakfast along with a special visitor, which was Mike, who did a Lifeworks Forum with us. Today has been fantastic, just like the rest of this trip, and as our final day approaches, the memories and friendships that we have made are on the minds of all.