Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

I woke up to the same song for the 14th time, and I hate how much I still love it. Today, was a great day, just like all the other AQ days have been. I can’t help but smile as I look around at my, closer than second, family. I got to swim with the fish twice today at a max of 45 feet. Isa, Abby, Avery, and I got back to the mooring ball just in time to have a 5 minute underwater dance party, which never gets old. As a wise crab once said, everything’s better down where it’s wetter. Once we are back on the boat, the first thing I see is Matt, our captain, with a glove on his head. I can’t stop giggling about, even though it happened hours ago. The rest of the day has been filled with card games, napping, eating delicious quesadillas, and bucket showering. Even the most basic things are filled with laughter and joy on Second Wind (the best boat ever), and even though I am sad that another day has passed so quickly. I am excited to see what tomorrow holds.