Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today was a big day aboard our lovely vessel Gemini. The day started early and after a quick breakfast and quick motor around the corner, we found ourselves back at Muskmelon Bay. Today was a rotation day, so the divemasters assisted with open water student dives. The Vega shipmates started the day with some diving, followed by some wakeboarding and waterskiing, and finally enjoyed an informational video about the waters we have been sailing in the past two weeks. We then all reunited back on Gemini for some lunch. After finishing lunch we set sail for Cane Garden Bay where we anchored for the night. After refueling we did a massive boat cleaning because we wanted to invite Mike, the AQ director, to dinner. After a delicious dinner prepared by our fabulous chefs, we did an awesome activity with Mike. On the table he set out a pack of black and white postcards and were instructed to pick 3- one that represented something we’re proud of, one that represented what we’re not proud of and one that represented what we thought a good friend should be. After selecting our cards we shared them with the group. We had some laughs but also really got closer and connected with each other. After a boat party/dancing dishwashing party, the Vegas are having a sail chat and the DMs are taking our 120 question test to earn our DM certifications! Wish us luck!