Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today started as another rotation day. Our first rotation was wakeboarding. After wakeboarding, we were to get our tanks before we left for our new dive site. However, our tanks were not ready, and we were told to hang tight until they were ready. In the end, we were unable to get any tanks but still left to the dive site for a snorkel. Once we arrived our skipper, Greg went over to the boat Blue Venture to figure out when and where we could snorkel. The marine biologist on Blue Venture offered up the opportunity to go turtle tagging. We had three people trail behind some dinghies. Once we spotted a turtle, we dropped off the line and swam over to the turtle, and the rest of the group swam over to catch the turtle. The only turtle we saw was about three years old. It was a Hawksbill turtle. It was spotted by Heather and caught by JP. We learned how to tag and record the data, and then released the turtle. We sailed to port and got our fresh water tanks filled before eating dinner. And so another day at ActionQuest is over.