Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a really great day. We started the day off with the wreck of the Rhone. During scuba diving, we saw barracudas and two sharks. Fabrizio and Andreas saw three massive lobsters. After we finished the dive we took our sail test, the best part of the day, though was when Maco invited four other boats to use our boom swing and have a small party. During the boat party, Sarah did a really cool trick off the boom swing. The party lasted a couple of hours, and even the staff members swam around and did some tricks. Tonight we had a guest for dinner named Jake. We argued about pancake vs. waffle hand-holding. On the way over to our final spot for the night, we saw a full rainbow and ate Pringles while running away from a downpour. After dinner, Maco, Nick, and Charlotte made us chocolate chip cookies while we washed up, then we watched Moana.