Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today was a great day, but all in all, we need to work together. This morning our first rotation was watersports. Pico sailing had no wind, so enough said about that. Then we watched The Cove, a documentary. Aside from that, some of the Vegas became official open water divers today! The Barracudas and Carinas finished their second and final Fish ID dive. We had to stop the film halfway to sail from Muskmelon Bay to Cane Garden Bay, where we filled up on water and gas after all taking freshwater showers for the second day in a row! When we arrived we finished the movie while today’s chef crew, Arie and Ethan, cooked our delicious Thai peanut dinner! Because of our busy schedule, we were not able to do our daily squeeze for a few days, so today we did a triple squeeze! And throughout the day we had spectacular peanuts!