Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today was our last rotation day, but it was a quick one because we had to sail over to Cane Garden Bay. We started our morning with oatmeal for breakfast and then had waterskiing as our first rotation. A lot of us are getting really good at it and doing awesome tricks! Not me, though… After that, the diving kids got their dive certifications… woo! And then we were taught how to make Turk’s Heads bracelets and anklets. Now we are all nagging Evan to burn and tie them off for us. After bracelets, we had tuna salad for lunch and then set sail. Six of us had our first part of the sailing practical. We completely rigged the boat without staff help and sailed. That was awesome to be skipper for. After a few hours, we got to Cane Garden Bay. Mar and I made brownie cookies for everyone! They were delicious. It also rained a lot today, but it didn’t bother us much. After dinner, we had a sail chat and went to bed! That’s all for now; we’ll see you guys soon!