Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today was a rotation day. We got to waterski/wakeboard, scuba dive, Pico, and learned about ship’s systems. We did Picos first, and they were fun, and this time, no one flipped the Pico. Next, everyone went waterskiing. I got to go scuba diving because I had to make up dives that I had missed. Now I only have two left; then, I’m certified. After that, we all had lunch. We had tuna sandwiches, or some of us had PB+J. After lunch, we learned how to switch the water tanks and put on our holding tanks on the heads. After we went scuba diving, it was so cool we were swimming, and we saw some cool fish. Once we were done everyone but me was certified. On the dinghy ride back it started raining very hard, then ten minutes later it stopped. Then we hung out on the boat and later had a movie night. We watched Finding Nemo then went to bed.