Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Today we woke up to steaming bowlfuls of oatmeal, which we quickly inhaled, and began our sail to Brewer’s Bay. Upon our arrival, all the loves set up their dive gear at the bow of our boat, then proceeded to the stern for a dive briefing of our third Nav dive. After each of the loves completed their third Nav dive, we all partook of some chicken salad sandwiches prepared by our lovely chefs Casey and Regina. Once we finished lunch, we got about an hour of free time on the boat before we had to begin preparing for our second dive of the day at Shark Point. A few of us chose to nap; however, the rest of the loves flew our boat’s kite off the boat and dove in the water repeatedly to save it whenever it sank. Once again, we reassembled our dive gear and piled into our dinghy to get to our dive site. We split into two dive groups and explored Shark Point. T was a scenic site, to put it mildly, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. After a quick freshwater shower, we motored to Cane Garden and our instructor Sam demonstrated how to assemble, utilize, and disassemble our emergency O2 kit. Since then, we have all enjoyed a sumptuous meal made by our chefs of the day and studied for our DAN O2 practical tonight. Everyone is confident in their skills and is looking forward to passing their practicals with sailing colors!