Location: Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

This morning was like every morning. We woke up at Sommer’s Beach and ate some delicious oatmeal. We then headed over to Brewer’s Bay and did our second research dive. After that, we went over to another boat, Grins, and watched as a turtle tagging took place. The turtle was measured and then released back into the ocean, which made all of us feel sad but happy at the same time. Next, we ate lunch and went on a second dive, which was also a research dive at Brewer’s Bay. We then all took Hibiclens showers and boated on over to Cane Garden Bay to fill up the tank. After eating some dinner with some guests, we did a reflection activity with some of Mike’s black and white postcards. Finally, we ended the night by watching The Cove with the rest of the Dolphins.