Location: Great Harbor Peter, Peter Island

Today Peeps Larou woke up bright and early to motor over to West End. West End is a great port with many restaurants and a large supermarket (we love to snack!) It’s hard to believe that only thirteen days ago, we boarded our boats from this particular dock. After a few hours of shopping, we raised our sails to make our way to Great Harbor Peter. Even though it was the second time we’d been here, the amazing view still left us in awe. A few of the shipmates went for a dive along the coral reef while myself and a few others stayed aboard to make some last minute touch-ups on our research papers, which are due tonight. All of the dolphins have successfully finished their work and are only one dive down from finishing all of our certifications tonight; the peeps will join Distant Drums, another ship, for dinner. As the days here in the BVI are slowly fading, each member of this boat embraces every second of this amazing trip that we have left.