Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today we woke up to an eventful day. We started with an early dive after breakfast, which mainly consisted of fish identification. We were split into buddy pairs and navigated to and from the mooring line, all while counting fish. The first group of us down saw a group of squid as well as a sea biscuit. After the dive, we prepared for lunch and the beach soon after. At the beach, we found a crab in the sand. After hanging out in the sand for a while, we headed back to the boat to start our shark dissection. It was my first time ever to watch a shark dissection and let me tell you . . . sharks eat a lot of fish. Once the shark was removed from the dissection table, we started to clean up and prepare for the BBQ on the beach. Right now, we are about to head over there for cheeseburgers and hot dogs!