Location: Pigeon Beach, Antigua

The day starts with Nick slapping my foot to wake me up bright and early. I woke up the two chefs first, but I found out soon after that I woke up the wrong chefs. When I found that out, I woke up the two chefs that were actually supposed to be chefs. The chefs began whipping up eggs and muffins. After the breakfast routine, Nick laid out the day’s plan, which was to motor to Pigeon Beach and have a barbecue. As we motored around Antigua, we were able to see the crystal clear waters that we would soon be swimming in. Once we’d anchored, we piled into the dinghy to Pigeon Beach. My first instinct was to get right into the water with the girls. We swam for over an hour until we were called in for lunch. During lunch, a rainstorm rolled in, and all of the local islanders began to clear out, but Minerva did not leave. Instead, we all decided to run into the water, and our entire crew swam around and played chicken for over an hour in the rain. Also our staff member Gwen introduced us to this new move called “the whale” which had all of us in tears we have all never laughed so hard. Today is one of those days that I will never forget and one that makes me dread going home in eight days.