Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today started off with waterskiing and wakeboarding at dawn. Even though everyone was tired, they enjoyed watching the sunrise over the beautiful calm water. The chefs welcomed them back with tasty scrambled eggs and muffins. Soon after we finished cleaning up, we started to pump the tanks so they would be full for our next dive. As everyone tanned and napped, we motored to Monkey Point. There the Dolphins completed their second research dive while the Neptunes had a fun dive. It was a great dive, and we saw many cool fish, such as parrot and squirrelfish. We managed to get back to the boat without a surface swim. After eating a great lunch, we sailed across the bay to Somer’s beach. The Neptunes dissected a regulator while the Dolphins dissected a shark. The Neptunes then hit the beach where we swam and played games. We are now getting ready for another awesome beach party with the rest of the AQ fleet.