Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today the salty and sea-hardened crew of Therapy embarked on a mission to rival the Odyssey. We commenced with a healthy breakfast of eggs, fruit, and lemon poppy-seed muffins. After a short cruise to refill the tanks, the Dolphins went to Second Wind. On Second Wind, we completed a short and uneventful survey dive, followed by lunch and beach time. We then returned to Second wind, where Marina performed an awesome dissection of a small baby shark, cutting open its underside to reveal a stomach filled with eight half-digested fish. Afterward, we learned how to properly tag a turtle with a hilarious performance by Jess. Meanwhile, the Neptunes scuba dove, seeing a cool sting ray and chilled on Mahi Mahi, followed by some beach time. In total, it was a fun and fascinating day! We are now leaving to gorge ourselves on burgers and hotdogs at the beach BBQ.