Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Well, today was a long day. We first woke up to the loud sound of rock music. After that, we sailed to West End to have some shore time. Everyone had a great time onshore like at Pusser’s. I mean a lot of people were there. The food was really good, like the shrimp and the burgers. Then after that, we went to the grocery store to go stock up on food for the trip. Then we had the race, and it was fun. Then the countdown started. We were in second on the start, and then Tiger Pause slipped by us. By the midpoint of the race, we got passed. So by the end, we tried to catch up to beat Mike, but the wind did not help us. Sadly we got fifth. But that’s not the worst. So now we are anchored at Peter Island. Oh, I forgot about the sailing practical. The Vegas were tested to see if we were good enough sailors to pass the test.