Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was quite the action packed day. Most of us woke up recovered from last night’s beach party but some of us needed a few more zzz’s. We were anchors up by 7:30 and got right into doing sailing circles. After David and I did ours the Vega sailors did theirs, finishing one of the last steps of their practical exam. While Tyler studied for his final divemaster exam that he’ll be taking later tonight. Good luck Tyler! After sailing circles Madi skippered us through one of the best man overboard drills Jake and Annie had ever seen. Madi was startled over Jake’s excitement and thought she did something wrong. After the MOB drill we headed into West End which is where we started on day one. All the shipmates went on shore to stock up on snacks and grab some lunch at Pusser’s. Meanwhile Jake and Annie filled our water tanks onboard. Jake and I headed to our skipper’s meeting for the first race aboard Zourite. After the brief from Smudge we left the dock and made our way out of the channel where our race took place. Unluckily we pulled the last place starting spot from the hat. However, David and I sailed us to a third place finish. The race was awesome and I’m sure I’ll be sore in the morning from fighting the wind at the helm. I’m off to enjoy Mexican night cooked by Henry and David and then study for my flotilla skipper exam.