Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Before I get to the activities of the day, I’d just like to say how surreal it is that I’m skipper again- just throwing that out there! As the title suggests, some major strides in PADI certifications were made today. After eating a lovely breakfast prepared by Fritz and Corinna, the Carina’s spent the day sailing Picos and making Turk’s Heads bracelets. Meanwhile, the DMs were hard at work, completing the first portion of their mapping projects. After lunch, the Carina’s completed their first deep dive to 82 feet and officially became advanced open water divers. I remember getting my advanced open water a few years ago and how excited I was, and it was fantastic to see the other 3 Carina’s gain their certifications! To summarize, our entire boat has been kicking booty and taking names! Right now, we’re all heading to a beach BBQ to celebrate a successful day. I’m so happy to be with these people; I have an amazing group of Squeakers.