Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today our morning started early at Muskmellon Bay. We went turtle tagging for the second time, however this time we used a different method than we did in Anegada. We used a method called manta tow, where three shipmates hold on to a ski rope being pulled by a dingy. At first, we had very little luck catching or even spotting a turtle. After lunch, we relocated from Great Camanoe to Monkey Bay and had a little more luck there. We all spotted turtles. One dingy being driven by Matt, a staff member from Grins, caught a hawksbill turtle. We took the turtle back to the boat to be tagged and documented. After we finished, we took the turtle back to his home. I had a great time turtle tagging. Once we finished, we motored to a nearby bay to get ready for the beach barbecue. I had a great day.