Location: Great Harbor Peter, Peter Island

Today was an exhilarating day. We started off the day by sailing to West End. We had breakfast on the way and cleaned up before we arrived. We then ate a second breakfast at port and went shopping. We left the dock at 11:20 and started our long trek to Great Harbor Peter. Once we arrived, we set up our dive hear and jumped into the water; we dove the site, Fearless, a wooden shipwreck. Although the navigation to and from the wreck was difficult, the wreck itself was teeming with sea life and swim-throughs. The dive was 84 feet and lasted 31 minutes. We surfaced about 200 yards away from the boat. Once we dissembled our gear, four of us went waterskiing and wakeboarding while the rest of us stayed on the boat and showered early. For dinner, we had Mexican food with Mike. After dinner, we answered the squeeze question did a short lifeworks session with Mike. We cleaned the boat and prepared for sleep.