Location: Great Harbor Peter, Peter Island

This morning after waking up to some pretty sick music, we had some rocking cereal for breakfast. Then we headed to port I got yummy mango smoothie at the Best coffee show ever. We also got to pick up some groceries for the boat. It was a really chill morning. Most of the Dolphins were working on their research projects. Us Neptunes were able to relax and help out. We also went on a fun dive with Tina and Kelly. It was one of the best and funniest dives I have ever been on. We had a ninja fight underwater. We also played with a torpedo. We also had a limbo contest underwater. I have never laughed so hard underwater. I burnt through my air so fast, but it was worth it! After that, we had dinner with Peeps Larou. That was cool because we got to bond with the other boat. It was funny when the Peeps girls dropped a bowl in the water and had to jump in after it. We had Mexican night tonight. Steph and I decided to take Nutella and peanut butter and put it on our tortilla, and it was so good!!! Overall this day was amazing, and we are going for a night dive tonight. I am pumped. This trip is so awesome!