Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today was our seventh rotation day. For the Vegas, this meant diving, boat systems, waterskiing, and Pico sailing, but for us divemasters, it meant dive, dive, dive, and yes, dive. After waking up in Muskmelon Bay, we motored to the Sand Highway, a beautiful underwater sand strip sided by two coral reefs. For the first rotation, Jo, Christian, Jason, and Teddy did an open water dive and successfully completed all their skills, whilst also making friends with a stingray. If that wasn’t cool enough, the stingray was actually acting as a magic carpet for a number of seemingly lazy fish. Meanwhile, the divemasters had to complete their deep dive scenario. Unfortunately I cannot comment on this dive, because although a divemaster, my ears refused to cooperate at about 45 feet (don’t worry, I’m fine!) However, I have repeatedly been told it was the best dive yet, with Sensei Jake cracking an egg underwater- I’m not feeling bitter at all! Next, the Vegas had a tour of all the systems on board the boat, which was apparently very insightful. At least until they reached the heads (toilets). Alex, Wilks, John, and I went sailing to side B to assist on their dive boat for the rest of the day. Sail side B students average at age 14, so needless to say it was exhausting, but also so rewarding. Working with new instructors was also good fun and certainly beneficial to our skills. John and Wilks aced their deep dives, whilst Alex aced his fish ID dive. I sat surface, a wounded soldier heroically keeping an eye on dive bubbles. Ella, Matt, Meg, and Bex stayed on our boat, and all did “amazing.” The Vegas then enjoyed waterskiing and Pico sailing- all us hard-working DMs were very jealous! We’re now headed to the beach BBQ with the goal of consuming as many burgers as possible. To summarize- an action-packed day, exhausting but rewarding, bring on the BBQ.