Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Our chefs prepared a delicious breakfast of eggs and muffins as we slowly awoke one by one in Muskmelon Bay. We motored across the bay to raft with Mahi and enjoyed one of the more relaxed mornings so far. A few hours later, we headed to Monkey Point for a fun dive. Alan and I took off our fins and raced across the sand and saw my favorite fish, a trunkfish. When we surfaced, we pumped tanks and motored to Somer’s beach where we ate gumbo. After, the Neptunes and Dolphins split up. The Dolphins dissected a shark while the Neptunes and I had an equipment lecture then headed to the beach. Our shipmates reconvened on Therapy and showered before the BBQ with everyone from the program. We ate delicious burgers and hot dogs cooked by our staff and watched Sam’s amazing fire dancing. We’re back now, listening to great music and taking Hibiclens showers. Today was a great day. I’m excited to see what later tonight holds for me and my shipmates. It is never a dull moment on Therapy!