Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today started off nice and early with a trip back to West End, the port where everything started. We got restocked with fresh fruits and other foods. While the staff worked to make sure we had enough food to feed 14 teenagers, we had shore time and got to eat non-boat food and pick up snacks. We then started our sail to GHP. The Dolphins then completed their last research dive for the projects. On this dive, my dive buddy and I saw two large lobsters backed into a small hole. It was quite a sight to see. After the short dive, we got to dissect a dog fish! A dog fish is a very cool type of shark, and we got to see how the innards of the shark work. It was really interesting and fun. The rest of the day consisted of all of the Dolphins writing up the papers for the research project. It has been cool to see everyone working on their own experiments. Hopefully, the next few days don’t go by too fast. This trip has been the trip of a lifetime.