Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today was a refreshing change to the normal rotations. We started off by watching a movie about the life of Irving Johnson, and although the film was made in the 80s, Irving led such an interesting life that it hardly mattered. We also found out that he is part of the reason the program is here today. After the film, we went to our third open water dive and polished the skills we need to get our certification. After our skills, we managed to explore the reef for a bit. Even though this was our third reef, diving is still finding ways to surprise us with each dive being ever more amazing than the last. After a quick group lunch, we went on the Picos for the final time. Each rotation today was slightly shorter in order to make time for the beach BBQ tonight, which should be a lot of fun as we’re in such beautiful surroundings. After the Picos, we learned how to tie Turk’s Heads knots, and we tied some around our ankles and wrists. These anklets and bracelets are designed to be left on for years, with one staff member wearing theirs for 15 years. After the rotations, we just had a short boat ride to the bay, where we were about to have our BBQ as the sun goes down.