Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today we woke up to eat delicious scrambled eggs and cranberry orange muffins. After the last plate was put away, it was time to sail Picos. The first ones to go were the two Daniels, then Zack and John, after them it was finally Valentina and I’s turn. After the Picos, we went wakeboarding and wakeboarding. I tried waterskiing this time, but I couldn’t get up because the skis were too big on my feet. A part of the day I was looking forward to was learning how to do a Turk’s Head. Today Monika taught us how to do it, and almost everyone understood how to do it fast. The last activity today was scuba diving. We learned how to navigate with a compass. Finally, we got to go to a BBQ where all the boats went, and we ate delicious burgers and had a great time.