Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a very exciting day. We spent most of this morning at West End, after having cereal for breakfast. We arrived at 8:30, and shopped and ate til the dinghy left at 11:30. I bought a lot of things to bring home to show my family and explored the shops that were a walking distance away from the dock. After coming back to the boat, we sailed from West End to Great Harbour, Peter Island. At Great Harbour, we dove a Research dive in order to continue our Dolphins project. We collected water above the reef, measured 30 feet, and collected water above open water, in order to analyze certain properties in a different water sample. We have a backpack lab to analyze our water samples. It’s very cool to do our science while sitting on the rooftop of the boat and watch the sun go down. We then had a delicious Mexican night and had beans, meat, veggies, rice, and sour cream. After cleaning up, we continued to research our projects. My group is very excited to finish our project and show the Dolphin group our findings.