Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

The day started with the man overboard skills. Everybody had to steer the helm and do the other things they have to do, but not everyone finished the skills because we had to go. After this skill, we had to sail to West End, where we started this trip. When we arrived, we filled the water up and went to land. We got our phones and our spending money. Most shipmates went to eat lunch or went shopping in the supermarket. When everyone went back to the boat and waited, Ruth and I went again on land. First, we went to the boat shop to buy something for our boat, and then we went to a skipper’s meeting. At the skipper’s meeting, we talked with the other skippers over the race that we made. Every skipper had to grab a number out of a hat, and that was our starting number. We had number 6. When the race started, we were all excited because we won the last race. First Zourite was 1, Tiger Pause was two, and we were 3. To win the race, we had to do very much tacks. After ten minutes, we were number 1. It was a cool and awesome race. After an hour, we were the first, and nobody was to see because we were so fast. And we won the race after 2 1/2 hours sailing. We were the first when we came to the finish line, but we were the last ones who anchored. We went showering and prepared dinner. We were very late because we have to eat between 5-6 today, but we ate at 7:30. And now we have to clean up, doing squeeze and the last sailing chat because we are going to write the sailing exam tomorrow.