Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

After a tasty breakfast of scrambled eggs and muffins along with some fresh melon, we hit the water for a fun dive at Monkey Point. The water was not very deep, and the bottom was sandy, a perfect site for rays to hang out. Unfortunately, we didn’t spot any, but a group of underwater ninjas completed the dive. After lunch, we did a short sail to Sommer’s Beach for some beach time and study time for the Neptune shipmates. After an interesting lecture on scuba equipment and how to take care of it, we hit the beach for some fun games, swimming, and coconut eating. We played this game that one person in a buddy group got blindfolded, and the other person leads them through a maze full of an object using only words. The outcome was very amusing. Then we went to explore the beach where we found some fresh coconuts that we tried very hard to open, but hard work pays off, and we all had a taste of fresh coconut juice and meat. After that, we went for a swim. After beach time, we had some free time that we hung out and chatted about life while sunbathing. Now we are going back to the beach for a barbecue and hopefully spend some time with shipmates from other boats.