Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we had a difficult morning because one of our fellow shipmates went home, and we’re all going to miss him dearly. After a sad goodbye, we sailed back to Great Harbor, Peter. Neptunes had a fun dive while Rescue divers had our last search and recovery dive. We split into two groups, and the one that I happened to be in did a terrific job of finding our missing object. The second group took several attempts but was ultimately successful. After our dive, we moved the boat over towards Second Wind. We had quite the experience when Mama T (Tina) was communicating with the goats on the hill by bleating at them, and everyone was unable to breathe; they were laughing so hard. After we jumped in the water and had a shower singalong party by jamming out to Stacy’s Mom, this was followed by a wonderful Mexican meal thanks to Mama T once again, and we were joined by the one and only Mike. Mike, later on, had us do a small Lifeworks exercise where we were able to open up to one another and become closer than we were before. We are all so lucky to have been placed together on Mary Morgan because we have become a close family that can share incredible moments and memories together.