Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

The day started very early, and I was very tired. Sam picked me up from the boat and took us to Grins. We ate cereal on the boat while we were on our way. When we got to the bay, all of the Questers got into one dinghy, and we started getting pulled behind. We kept going for a couple of hours. We didn’t find anything, so we went back to Grins for lunch. The second time we went out, only 15 minutes in one of the Taylor’s shot up their hand and I immediately jumped out of the boat. I swam to the bottom, and I saw it. I picked it up and swam back to the top. When we got back to Grin, we tagged it, released it, and came back. Editor’s Note: the non-Quest students had a rotation day in Muskmelon Bay, in which they learned how to make Turk’s Heads anklets/bracelets, went waterskiing, dove, and watched a video about sailing around Cape Horn. All the programs and boats met up in the evening on Sommer’s Beach for a BBQ.