Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

We woke up to sunshine this morning around 7:30. After a delicious breakfast of eggs and muffins, we were allowed to snorkel around Muskmelon Bay where we were anchored. It was beautiful! Everyone agreed that we should go back for a night dive. We headed to Sommer’s Beach, which is only a short motor away, and practiced how to bring an unconscious diver onto a boat. Then around noon, the chefs prepared tortilla soup, one of my favorite meals here. Earlier, we were supposed to have a navigation dive, but it ended up being a search and recovery dive after five objects were lost while Sam was setting up for the navigation dive. We recovered three out of five than were sent off to tidy up our cabins. They now look and smell great! Once that was done, everyone was allowed a lot of free time, which we spent jumping off the boat and listening to music. It was a lot of fun. Now we are getting ready for a barbeque on the beach. I can’t wait to eat a burger! It’s crazy to think that today was the beginning of the last week.