Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Hello all! As I am writing this, I will have all of you know we are all still alive and well here at AQ, as well as having a good time. Today was an especially good one that included a lot of fun and multiple laughs. The morning started with another early awakening, followed by breakfast on our own because the staff had a meeting. After that, it was time for a little BA (boat appreciation) to make Bella beautiful. Once this was done, the staff was back and quite impressed with our cleanliness while they were gone. It was at this point that the DM’s left for a much-needed rotation day at Muskmelon Bay, and we advanced sailors were left with the boat to ourselves. It was later when we were en route to Trellis Bay to pick up some laundry as well as a bit of time onshore. With laundry in town, we were back on the water headed towards Muskmelon Bay to meet up with the DM’s. Once we distributed the laundry to the other boats, we showered, and as I am writing this, we are prepping dinner and are looking forward to another great night as well as another great day at nowhere else other than AQ BVI.