Location: Sandy Spit

Today we got to sleep in for an extra two hours. That started the day off right. We woke up at 8:00 and had a delicious oatmeal breakfast. We set up our dive gear right after breakfast and waited anxiously for our first dive of the day. We pulled up on a mooring ball right above a dive site called the playgrounds. The instructors informed us that this sight was called the Playgrounds because big sea creatures came there to lay. When we got back from our first dive, we broke down our dive gear had lunch, set up our dive gear, and descended for our second underwater experience of the day. Apart from all, the beautifully colored fish and sea creatures, the most amazing thing I saw was an octopus. After coming up from our second dive, we prepared for our program-wide BBQ on the beach. We had delicious burgers and infinite amounts of Chips Ahoy and action punch (pineapple and sprite). We came back to our boat late at night, after a bonfire on the beach and fell asleep under the stars. I would also like to say that there is no place that I would rather be then in the British Virgin Islands with my 11 best friends and a 46 foot floating home that rocks us to sleep every night under the endlessly starry night. PS I saw a velvet parrot fish and a snapper on my dive : )