Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today has been awesome so far! After we woke up this morning, our staff went to a meeting, and we were on our own! We made pancakes and cleaned the boat, so Jess, Matt, and Oscar could come home to yummy breakfast and a clean boat. After we were all set, we headed out to the Chikuzen! The sail there was pretty long but super awesome. When we got there, the ocean was a little rough, but we expected that because the wreck is practically in the middle of nowhere. The Chikuzen is a retired Korean refrigerator ship that’s 286ft long, WOW!! After eating our PB&J, we jumped into the water, it was incredible! We saw an eagle ray, a barracuda and a few sharks, just while sitting on the surface. The rest of the dive was just as awesome. We saw beautiful fish, another shark, and a ton more barracuda. We also got to do an awesome swim through! Now we’re getting ready to snorkel the site for tonight’s night dive. It’s our third and final night dive before we hopefully get our certifications! We get to go down and navigate completely on our own. Wish us luck!!