Location: Sandy Spit

This morning was relatively late, beginning at 7:30 for Distant Drums. We started the day off with some tasty oatmeal and fruit; then we were on our way. The night before, the boat was anchored in a bay off Jost Van Dyke, an island north of Tortola. We motored to the East of that island today, where a collection of picturesque islands lay. All are within close proximity of one another, and most are beautiful sandy beaches accompanied by small tropical trees. The dive site today was called the playgrounds and was situated between two islands with rocky beaches and sheer cliffs. Much of the BVI was formed through volcanic activity, which can be seen in the intriguing shapes and colors of its islands. The playgrounds are notorious for being a fantastic site to see sharks and rays, and for most, it is their favorite site. After getting into the water and descending into the coral beds, we were free to explore what the playgrounds had to offer, which turned out to be a lot. Manta rays, lemon sharks, nurse sharks, and blacktip reef sharks were spotted. Apparently, tiger and hammerhead sharks are not an uncommon occurrence in the playgrounds, but for some reason, part of me is satisfied with any seeing what we did. I indulged myself in tortilla soup for lunch with saltine crackers, finishing off two bowls and washing it down with some chilled Gatorade. The rest of the day was pretty laid back. I finished my sailing journal, calculating that by the end of the trip, we will have traveled at least 153 miles. I have definitely been thinking that becoming a captain and will be racking up as much distance and time as possible at sea. But tonight, on a small island called Sandy Spit (which I recommend looking up because it is absolutely beautiful,) all of ActionQuest is getting together to have a beach BBQ. Time has flown at a ridiculous pace this trip. I really don’t have want to leave and have even picked up a BVI house and yacht magazine in hopes of living here someday on the land or the sea (preferably both!) See you soon Mom and Dad!