Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

While I’m writing this blog, Spindrift is swinging in the dark twilight waves as they come crashing to the shore not so far off. I have honestly never seen a scenery as serene as what I see here. Perhaps one day I’ll be lucky enough to live among the plush green trees, beautiful coral reef, and incredible wildlife. Perhaps. Earlier today, my shipmates and I got certified as PADI Open Water Divers. We’re extremely proud and celebrated to somersaults in the depths of the ocean. I’m so thankful to Pip and Evan, our instructors, who supported us and encouraged us throughout the whole course. I’m so excited to go explore our ocean and be a part of the diver squad across the world. Tonight it’s BBQ night. I’m really looking forward to socializing with the other ships and hanging out with the new friends I have made here, which I am sure will be friends of mine for a lifetime. Goodnight!