Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was so much fun! The day started later than usual because for once we were allowed to sleep in, then once we were all up Mitch, Tucker, and Rachael had a meeting on shore so it was up to us to handle our delicious breakfast of french toast with Nutella by ourselves for the first time! As soon as they were all back we set sail for Trellis Bay. We sailed pretty well as a crew, everyone is really starting to understand what’s going on when we sail and we all work really well as a team now, which is great. Trellis Bay was amazing. Everything was so colorful and cheerfully painted, there were little cats wandering around everywhere, and this really cool art studio that everyone checked out. It was such a fun place to visit! After our hour in Trellis Bay it was sadly time to go, so we set sail again for Muskmelon Bay, which is where we are spending the night. It was such a pretty sail over here, the sun was setting to the starboard side and we all lay out on the boat in the last light of the day- it was a really such a nice way to end another amazing day.