Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today started by everybody waking up at 7 am and having scrambled eggs for breakfast. After breakfast and cleanup, it was time for sailing. The beginner sailors began practice practicals for the real test. The Carina’s don’t have an actual sailing practical but are marked on participation and leadership. The main thing we did while sailing was man overboard drills. Timmy, the fender, was extra clumsy today, and we had to rescue Timmy around 11 times. After Timmy was finally saved, we made way for Sandy Spit for the beach party. We anchored at Lava Flow beach for lunch. The waves caused the boat to roll heavily and made the food and drinks flying everywhere. After lunch, we lifted anchor and headed to Sandy Spit. Sandy Spit is the smallest island ever. A full walk around the island is about 3 minutes. At six, the BBQ started. There were hamburgers, hot dogs and cookies. I’m not exactly sure when we got back, but after the BBQ, we went back to the boats and showered and went to bed.