Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today the day began with homemade pancakes and a short sail to scenic Sandy Spit. Once there, the Rescue Divers began our last search and recovery dive. Teams of four divers each searched for small plastic fish with varying degrees of success. After our dive, we had a delicious lunch of tortilla soup made by the wonderful Tina. After lunch, we were all relaxing on the roof when we noticed a panicked diver in the water near one of the catamarans. Our first scenario began with Amy taking control and sending Daniel into the water to rescue the panicked diver. While calming the diver, Daniel discovered that there were two missing divers submerged in the water. Amy then directed Gray and me to enter the water with full equipment and begin our search with the help of snorkelers on the surface. The snorkelers quickly located two unresponsive divers underwater, and Gray and I recovered them and ascended to the surface. We then performed CPR while swimming them back to the boat. Once at the boat, Rachel and Jules began administering oxygen and performing CPR. All in all, our first rescue scenario went surprisingly well. After debriefing, we went on a dive to the Playgrounds. Later tonight we have a BBQ on the beach. All in all, it has been a fun and exciting day.