Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

Today was an incredibly memorable day! It began with a fantastic breakfast of French toast, prepared by our chefs that day, Augusta and Lara. We then proceeded to clean our dishes and board the dinghy to the next activity, Pico sailing, and waterskiing! I chose to sail a Pico for the last time here at ActionQuest. When that rotation was complete, we were shuttled back to Sambamba to learn to tie some really unique knots, such as the monkey’s fist and Turk’s head. After many unsuccessful attempts, we all finally made something we could be proud of. It wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration of our team, those who understood the knots would take the time to work out the steps with those who didn’t. This is just one of the many examples that occur day today about how we have sailed farther away from being individuals, and closer to being family and shipmates. After a lunch of mac and cheese, we excitedly made our way over to our dive boat for our next open water dive! Although it may be day 12 of living here, I still haven’t gotten over the clarity of the water here and the gorgeous atmospheres created when we dive or snorkel. The experience is one of a kind and breathtaking. After we completed our drills, we explored the reef and saw all kinds of fish and eel you would only see in an aquarium. Next, we went closer to the rocks to try to get the cleaner shrimp to eat the dead skin off our fingernails and give us a manicure! We didn’t have much luck, but while we were holding our hands there, a stingray swam over and came no more than 4 feet from me! That concluded the second to last dive and our graduation from the PADI open water diver course. After we took apart our gear and packed up, we headed back to our boat to sail to Sandy Spit off of Jost van Dyke for an amazing beach BBQ! We met up with each of our other friends from the other boats and had a blast socializing and eating great food. One of my favorite things about ActionQuest is all of the friends from all over the world that I step out having gained. Germany, Colorado, Scotland, France, California, Boston, and so many more! All these places I can now say I know someone from. Overall, today was just another fantastic piece of a puzzle greater than I really put into words. It’s almost impossible to not continue having a great time here, and I know each and every one of us thinks the same way.