Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we departed from Marina Cay (which my cousin is named after) after a good night’s rest. We ate breakfast, which my good friend Thomas Swift prepared for us, and the French toast we had was delicious. Then we took off to the Dog Islands (which they don’t look like), and the very relaxing journey took about an hour. We chilled once we got there for about three hours. When the people came to get us for my second open water dive ever, we had to shovel down lunch and jump in the dinghy to Calypso. We quickly and excitedly got our scuba gear together and jumped in the salty water that was as blue and clear as the sky. We did three skills, which are these things that are mandatory for our scuba diving certification, and we got those out of the way in a matter of minutes, then started looking around analyzing fish and underwater sea life. During the dive, we took off our fins and played this game where we run and flip. After that, we sailed all the way to Muskmelon Bay, which took about two hours. We snorkeled and free dove and touched the bottom. We then showered and ate dinner, then cleaned up and did a sail chat and now are chilling and are about to go to bed after another day in paradise.