Location: English Harbour, Antigua

The day began with a slow morning, which started at 7:30 AM. To start it off, we had a sail chat, which lasted for almost two hours. During the sail chat, we learned several variations of knots and learned different types of sound and light signals. Then after that, we had our free time, which led to lunch. After lunch, the whole crew had a tour of Nelson’s Dockyard, the place where Offline is currently docked. It wasn’t very long, but it was very informative on the history of the dock. As soon as that was finished, as a group, we all went to the fort by the entrance of the dockyard, which was a great experience. When we came back to the boat, we got ready for dinner at Shirley Heights. When we arrived, we had the most delicious jerk chicken and hot dogs. During that time, there was also a band playing some great relaxing music; it was an experience to remember. When we returned, we simply relaxed.